City of JHB-EPWP Jobs Opportunities

The City of JHB  is inviting unemployed individuals to apply to provide various services within the health facilities. The suitable candidates will be required to assist with general work, queue marshaling and administrative duties/data capturing.

The City of Johannesburg (CoJ), Health Department has the following job opportunities available, for a period NOT exceeding four (4) months located in the following Regions and Wards:
(A, B, C, D, E, F and G: Ward 1 to 135)

Salary: R3 500 pm (monthly stipend)
Location: Health Department Clinics

Minimum Requirements:

• Grade 10 or higher;
• Youth between the ages of 18 and older (youth preferred);
• People with disabilities;
• Knowledge of the City’s process, best practices and policies and procedures on Health and Social issues;
• Numeric and good writing and verbal communication skills; and
• Different uses of electronic devices such as sending emails, using the internet

Key Performance Areas: Provide Monitoring and Reporting of programme.

Leading Competencies: Knowledge of the City’s processes, best practices and policies and
procedures on Health and transversal issues. Teamwork, Honesty, & Accountability, Time
management; Organizational skills; Emotional intelligence; Sound judgement; Ability to take
initiative where necessary to achieve necessary outcomes and under pressure.

Core Competencies: Good Communication skills, confidentiality, and integrity. Customer and
Service Delivery Management (Batho Pele) Ethics, HR Values and CoJ Values. Integrity and
Professionalism, Impact and Influence and Confidentiality.

Duties and Responsibilities

General Worker
• To clean the waiting areas, consulting rooms, offices, kitchens, laundries etc.
• To ensure that all surfaces used for clinical procedures are cleaned/dusted appropriately prior to setting up of clinic procedure areas
• To sort and change soiled lined in all consulting rooms
• Empty dustbins and ensure that immediate surroundings of the clinic are kept free of litter

Administration Assistant/Data Capturer
• Data capturing/completion of client’s records and updating of clients information
• Compiling monthly statistics of clients who accessed the clinic
• Filing of completed client’s cards in alpha – numeric or chronological sequence and retrieval of files on request from departmental personnel
• Make necessary appointments for services using the appointment method in various clinics
• Co-ordinate ordering of stationary, clinic records and necessary printed material to ensure adequate supplies within the clinic
• Recording discussions and typing minutes of departmental meetings and forwarding to specific personnel

Queue Marshal
• Welcome patients and visitors
• Assist in giving information and directing clinic clients in various streams and ensure smooth patient flow
• Screen patients in the waiting areas
• Managing, controlling queues, direct clients to appropriate areas of the facility
• Oversee helpdesk and attend to patient enquiries

How to Apply For the above EPWP Jobs Opportunities

STC 003/2022 (EPWP)_General Worker

Apply here for this opportunity >

STC 003/2022 (EPWP)_Administration Assistant/Data Capturer

Apply here for this opportunity>>

STC 003/2022 (EPWP)_Queue Marshal
Apply here for this opportunity>>

Opportunity Closing Date :24/02/ 2022